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What NFT Collection Means?

If you have a computer, you can create and sell your own NFT in less than 10 minutes. So when it’s so easy to create and sell NFTs, why doesn’t everyone just go in and make millions like in the news? The answer is simple: Privilege. One of the biggest features sought in NFTs is the privilege it provides to people who buy, unlike artistic concerns.

This privilege we are talking about may be in the form of having an NFT only, or additional benefits provided by the purchased NFT after purchase. To give an example of the first, the NFT of the first tweet posted on Twitter is only yours, and it’s a rare asset. The latter is usually provided through the collection.

What is NFT Collection?

NFT Collection is the name given to NFT series created in the same theme and serving the same project. One of the biggest differences from stand-alone NFTs is that they usually provide privileges to people who own a collectible NFT.

Another feature of the collections is that they have a stronger infrastructure in terms of marketing. When the privileges offered by the collections are combined with factors such as the time of sale and the amount of supply, they enable these prices to reach astonishing levels.

What are the Advantages of NFT Collections?

The following examples can be given to the privileges that change on a project basis:

  • Yacht party held once a year
  • Advance access to upcoming NFTs
  • Privileged Discord groups
  • Special Discounts
what NFT collection means

Some Popular NFT Collections

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