NFT Holders Channel

NFT Holders Channel For Advanced Consulting

If you are not a Cautron NFT Holder yet, you are always welcomed to use General Contact for your questions or you may Buy NFTs to become a holder now!

Our NFT Holders also always welcomed to use General Contact for rapid questions and off-topics of this channel.

NFT Holders Channel

We support our NFT holders with our areas of expertise. If you are an owner from one of Cautron’s NFT collections, you may ask and consult us everything about digital marketing. The subject of your marketing question can be NFTs or anything else about any business. We will support you!

You may start typing, once we confirm your ownership during your typing, you will be able to access consultation input area and submit button!

Aim of NFT Holders Channel

NFT Owner Channel’s aim is supporting our holders about digital marketing subjects and providing them expert marketing opinions to grow their businesses as a marketing authority Cautron Business.

You may ask your question or consult us about marketing strategies, digital ads, search engine optimization, webmaster questions; shortly anything about digital marketing.

Your marketing subject/product can be a NFT collection or it can be related about your other businesses from any industries. We will try to support you as advanced consultants of software and digital marketing for many different sectors such as, industry, machining, law, energy, e-commerce, textile, tourism and accomodation, trading and more.

NFT Holders Channel Usage Rules

Every Cautron NFT holders can use this advanced digital marketing consultation channel at most once in a month, twice in a year for each NFTs which have total value of 2 Ethereum. For the NFTs which have less value than 1 Ether, you may write the ID and key code of one, our system will check with the database if you hold NFTs at least total value of 2 Ethereum.

Please note that the fundemental condition for using this channel is being a current owner of a Cautron NFT. All inquiries will be checked with our current holders database. Your OpenSea user name, NFT ID and key code must match.

Your question topic must be specific. Since the digital marketing has wide range of subjects, we need to determine the best explanations and methods while answering your question. So, please try to be very explanatory about your issue/question. Cautron Verse always reserves the rights of detecting malicious inquiries, ignoring/not answering inquiries and selecting the subject of answers if there is more than one topic in your question.

Digital Marketing Subjects

Your questions must be about digital marketing and business development. And please note that this channel is only for transfer of information / consultation and does not include workmanship, business services, labour or work effort. If you are interested in our dynamic business services please visit Cautron Business.

Here is some example topics we may provide technical support to you and inform you as consultant:

Digital Ads, Google Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook) and Instagram Ads, SEO (search engine optimization), digital media management, domains, dns, webmaster subjects, mail marketing, Google Marketing Platform Tools, Meta Ads Tools, conversion tracking, sector based effective business and marketing strategies and much more.