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Relation of Ethereum and NFTs

What Is Relation of Ethereum and NFTs?

Anyone interested in the Crypto Exchange is more or less familiar with Ethereum. It is obvious that it has recently made a splash through NFTs. So what is the special relationship between Ethereum and NFTs? Let’s take a look at the answer to this question.

What is the Impact on ETH and NFTs?

Ethereum has played a huge role in the growth of NFTs recently. While it received a lot of attention throughout July 2021, NFTs took the ecosystem by storm. The question now is “Are NFT prices falling with ethereum?”. When we examine closely, there was a dependent increase between NFTs and Ethereum before Ethereum came to $ 2000. On the other hand, NFT sales started to decrease when Ethereum rose above $2000.

So, Ethereum is needed to be bought first in order to buy NFT on ETH-based NFT sales platforms. The situation is becoming such that during the price rally of ETH, NFTs are not re-pricing on the basis of ETH, so they become too expensive to buy if you are not already in possession of Ethereum. So it can be observed that there is a direct link between NFT and Ethereum prices and since the Ethereum is primary currency of NFTs, seems like they will always depend with each other.

relation of ethereum and nfts

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