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What Is Ethereum Main Network

What Is The Ethereum Main Network?

Ethereum Main Network is a linked network as the name suggests in its simplest form. It is an independent blockchain that operates its own network with its own technology and its own protocol. It is called Main Network when cryptocurrencies in different projects create their own network. There is also the Test Network. Test Network, on the other hand, can be called the trial mode of the Main Network. A cryptocurrency in the Test Network can create a Main Network if it solves all the problems that may arise with its network. Therefore, a project running on the Main Network is expected to be error-free.

To give an example for the Main Network, a crypto running on the ERC-20 protocol on the Ethereum network means that the project creates the Main Network, when the money creates its own blockchain and comes out on the Ethereum network.

ethereum main network

How Does The Ethereum Main Network Work?

When we look at it, Ethereum actually works like a huge decentralized state machine. That is, you can take a snapshot of each address in the Ethereum blockchain at any time, you can determine its state. The evolving actions in the blockchain cause the current state to change, and the snapshot of each node also changes. So for some reason, each node connects to each other and creates blocks. Each block is linked to the previous block. This creates the blockchain as we know it.

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