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How to Create NFTs on OpenSea

NFTs has become the most popular investment tools recently. NFT marketplaces like OpenSea now allow each user to purchase their own NFT as well as create and sell their own NFT. However, there are some points that need to be considered in order to create and sell an NFT. How to Create NFTs on OpenSea and sell your own NFTs by following the steps below.

NFT Design

When you want to make an NFT and sell it, you need to have a digital asset that will be converted into NFT. This digital asset can be many file types, especially an image, audio, video, and 3D model. An original work is one of the most important parts when producing an NFT. For this reason, a good design that has been studied will attract attention.

Creating an Account on OpenSea

To create your own NFT, you must first have an OpenSea account. To sign up for OpenSea, you must have a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

When you enter the OpenSea website, click on the “Create” section in the upper right corner, select one of the wallets mentioned above, and follow the necessary steps to connect your wallet to OpenSea and create your account.

How to Create NFTs on OpenSea? – NFT Creation and Minting Process

When the digital assets you will convert to NFT are ready and after you open your account, we can start creating NFTs in the “Create” tab on the OpenSea homepage.

First of all, the loading section welcomes us at the top of the page. By clicking here, you need to upload your digital asset that you want to convert to NFT on your computer.

After uploading your digital asset, you need to name your NFT. If you want to create a collection, the usual method of naming is numbering. However, if you want to create a more special and unique piece, it will be more interesting to use more specific names.

How to Create NFTs on  OpenSea

How to Mint NFT in OpenSea?  

First, in order to create an NFT or NFT collection in OpenSea you must integrate your digital wallet via the website, and the most popular wallets are MetaMask and Coinbase wallets for this process.

Create a Digital Wallet

To log in to OpenSea, you need to connect a digital wallet to hold your assets or perform various transactions.

Add Crypto Currency

You will use cryptocurrencies as cash or credit cards are not valid in the NFT market. For this reason, you must load the cryptocurrency of your choice into your digital wallet.

Upload the NFT Artifact or Collection You Created

After pressing the “Create” button, it’s up to you to convert anything you dream or design into NFT. Then you need to determine which blockchain it will be on to mint your work. It is necessary to make this decision very well. In the last step, you can upload your work.

Set a Price to Your NFT

Bring your work to the market, you need to set a price that must be paid.

Create Additional Content that is Unlocked After Purchase                

Although not every seller does it, usually best sellers with high volumes including Cautron, uses this feature. You may add an unlockable content which becomes visible after the purchase to provide additional benefits.

Specify Minting Type

Now it’s time to mint (verify) your work. You can choose to either pay a gas fee for the creation of your work, or pay the user who will buy the gas fee (transaction fee), known as the lazy minting method.

Add Name, Description and Properties To The Work

A work of art without a name is never complete. In order for users to see your works, you need to add a name and description.

Mint Your NFT!

Once all the details are arranged, you are ready to go to market. After the digital file is uploaded, you can pay an initial fee (gas fee).

Additional Important Steps:

External Link and Description

After the above steps, if your NFT has a project or if there is an external link describing NFT, you can introduce your NFT better by adding it to the “External Link” section. You can support it by writing an article to describe your NFT in the “Description” section.

Add to Collection

In the “Collection” section, if there is a collection that you have created before and you want to add, you can add it by selecting it.

Other Features

You can specify the properties of your NFT from the “Properties” under the Collection section, so a user can easily filter among your NFTs. You can scale these features by specifying certain features of your NFT along with the “Levels” and “Stats” options below.

With the first of the features below, it can only add a password to the NFT that only you can turn on or off. With the latter, if your NFT has inappropriate or sensitive images, you can warn users by marking them.

NFT Supply

In the “Supply” option, you can specify the supply number of the NFT you have created.


Finally, you can choose the blockchain where your NFT will be created. Here, your NFT will have different features depending on the network you have created the NFT. If you create NFT on the Ethereum network, you may face high gas fees, but it will be easier to sell since the Ethereum network you put up for sale is the most used network. When you create it on the Polygon network, your NFT will be created instantly without paying gas fee.

After completing all these steps, pressing the “Create” button at the bottom and confirming it from your crypto wallet, your NFT is now created and ready to be published, and now you know how to create NFTs on OpenSea!

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Brands With Their NFTs

Brands That Have Taken A Big Step Into The NFT World

As we all know, NFT is now the favorite of the whole world. Although it was produced in 2014, it could not make the sound as it is now. But now the situation is different for NFT. The developing NFT seems to have caught our attention as well as its world-famous brands. These brands include Gucci, Coca-Cola Dolce&Gabbana, McDonald’s and NBA that we all know. We can say that these brands have taken the first step into the world of NFT as a collection or a single piece of work.

GUCCI’s Name In The NFT World is SUPERGUCCI!

A multifaceted exploration of the digital realms has begun on the Gucci side. This experimental creativity naturally takes place in NFTs. Gucci has stepped into the NFT world with Superplastic under the name SUPERGUCCI. Blending the aesthetic codes of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci Aria collection with the style of synthetic artists Janky and Guggimon, he created a 500 NFT collection accompanied by handmade ceramic sculptures.

A Surprise Collection From COCA-COLA To The NFT World!

Coca-Cola did not remain silent about the NFT trend that other important brands fell on. Coca-Cola put its first NFT consisting of 4 parts for sale. But the pieces it puts on are sold as a single piece. The interest in NFTs released by the brand is quite high. Coca-Cola hired a company called Tafi for this NFT. The inclusion of Coca-Cola in the NFT market draws the attention of other big brands. In the near future, all companies from clothing to automotive, from entertainment to gaming are expected to produce NFTs and put them on sale.

The Collection Decorating The NFT Market From Dolce&Gabbana

The luxury Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana announced that it will launch an NFT collection in collaboration with Polygon. NFTs will be released on the Polygon NFT Marketplace UNXD.

The collection will consist of 9 pieces, the most notable of which is the “Doge Crown”, a digital artwork containing seven sapphires and 142 diamonds. The collection has been sold to private collectors for over $5 million.

Each piece of the Dolce&Gabbana NFT will have multiple designs in different boxes, with each box giving the pieces a different rarity. Although the prices of the boxes are not disclosed, it is stated that there will be less than 10,000 boxes. However, the designs of the parts in each box will be done by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

brands with their nfts

McDonald’s Enters NFT World With Unique Tastes

McDonald’s, the fast food chain we all know, also participates in the NFT trend, which includes most famous brands. Although the main purpose of most brands that participate in the NFT world is to make money from their works, things don’t seem to be that way on McDonald’s side. Two NFT products depicting ice cream and french fries on Twitter According to La Réclame, there will be 20 unique works in total. McDonald’s will use these works for PR purposes, and products whose value is not yet known will be gifted to its followers and employees.

The name of the NBA in the NFT Stream is NBA Top Shot!

Interest and demand in the NFT market is increasing day by day. The NBA seems to want to be a partner in this market. The NBA announced on its official Twitter account called NBAxNFT that it will launch the “The Association” NFT collection. Each of the 18000 Ethereum-based NFT collections will represent a player in the playoffs to be played this year.

Thus, each player from the 16 different NBA teams participating will have 75 NFTs.

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What Is MetaMask?

Favorite Digital Wallet: MetaMask

The MetaMask wallet acts as a bridge that allows you to connect to all kinds of services that the Ethereum network has to offer. It is one of the most popular digital ethereum wallets frequently used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask was designed by ConsenSys in 2016. It is a digital wallet that simplifies access to decentralized applications (dApps), including decentralized exchanges (DEXs), gaming platforms, betting in decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFT collections. Metamask, which was initially released as a browser extension, requires web browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Firefox. If anyone wishes, there is a smartphone version for Android or Ios.

What are the Advantages of MetaMask?

The advantages of Metamask are endless. But its most distinctive feature compared to other digital wallets is its encryption capability. Passwords and private keys are kept securely. Although built for the Ethereum network, Binance provides access to testnets with mainnets such as Avalanche Polygon. It also offers the flexibility to switch between different mainnets and the convenience of connecting multiple wallets.

MetaMask wallet has given dApps access to funds, as opposed to taking private keys and passwords from users to communicate with the dApp, which is the case in other wallets. This prevents your private key information from being transferred.

what is MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the most popular ethereum or crypto wallets in use today. So “how to use this digital crypto wallet? How to install?” Let’s find out the answers to your questions together.

How to Install Metamask?

  1. You can download it via the browser you want to use by clicking “Download” on MetaMask’s official website.
  2. Assuming you downloaded from Chrome, click “Add to Chrome” and then click “add extension”.
  3. Click the “Get started” and “Create wallet” buttons. It will ask you to create a password for your digital wallet and accept the terms.
  4. After the above process, you will be shown a list of 12 words. These are the recovery words that you will use to get your wallet back if you forget the password. These words are extremely important. These recovery words should not be shared with anyone. Anyone who knows these words can access your wallet if shared. will be in your favor.
  5. In the next step, you will need to verify your word list by choosing the words in the correct order. After this process is completed, your MetaMask wallet will be ready to use.
how to install metamask

How to Send Cryptocurrency to MetaMask Wallet?

You can deposit crypto money from any crypto exchange to your MetaMask wallet that you have installed.

How to Send Cryptocurrency from MetaMask Wallet?

When you want to send your cryptocurrencies in your MetaMask wallet. First, click on the MetaMask extension in the upper right corner of your browser. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send from your MetaMask wallet. Click on the “Send” button and enter the general address of the wallet you want to send. The public address will be found and confirmed. Enter the amount you want to send and the transaction fee. Finally When you check the transaction details and press the “Confirm” button, your crypto money will be sent.

How Can I Increase My Transaction Speed?

For each transaction performed using MetaMask, a gas fee is defined. It is in users hands to set this gas fee. The higher the gas fee, the faster the system will perform this transaction.

In addition, the inability to determine the gas fee during times of extreme congestion in the network may cause your transaction to be delayed.

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Relation of Ethereum and NFTs

What Is Relation of Ethereum and NFTs?

Anyone interested in the Crypto Exchange is more or less familiar with Ethereum. It is obvious that it has recently made a splash through NFTs. So what is the special relationship between Ethereum and NFTs? Let’s take a look at the answer to this question.

What is the Impact on ETH and NFTs?

Ethereum has played a huge role in the growth of NFTs recently. While it received a lot of attention throughout July 2021, NFTs took the ecosystem by storm. The question now is “Are NFT prices falling with ethereum?”. When we examine closely, there was a dependent increase between NFTs and Ethereum before Ethereum came to $ 2000. On the other hand, NFT sales started to decrease when Ethereum rose above $2000.

So, Ethereum is needed to be bought first in order to buy NFT on ETH-based NFT sales platforms. The situation is becoming such that during the price rally of ETH, NFTs are not re-pricing on the basis of ETH, so they become too expensive to buy if you are not already in possession of Ethereum. So it can be observed that there is a direct link between NFT and Ethereum prices and since the Ethereum is primary currency of NFTs, seems like they will always depend with each other.

relation of ethereum and nfts

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What Is Ethereum Main Network

What Is The Ethereum Main Network?

Ethereum Main Network is a linked network as the name suggests in its simplest form. It is an independent blockchain that operates its own network with its own technology and its own protocol. It is called Main Network when cryptocurrencies in different projects create their own network. There is also the Test Network. Test Network, on the other hand, can be called the trial mode of the Main Network. A cryptocurrency in the Test Network can create a Main Network if it solves all the problems that may arise with its network. Therefore, a project running on the Main Network is expected to be error-free.

To give an example for the Main Network, a crypto running on the ERC-20 protocol on the Ethereum network means that the project creates the Main Network, when the money creates its own blockchain and comes out on the Ethereum network.

ethereum main network

How Does The Ethereum Main Network Work?

When we look at it, Ethereum actually works like a huge decentralized state machine. That is, you can take a snapshot of each address in the Ethereum blockchain at any time, you can determine its state. The evolving actions in the blockchain cause the current state to change, and the snapshot of each node also changes. So for some reason, each node connects to each other and creates blocks. Each block is linked to the previous block. This creates the blockchain as we know it.

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum Is The The Power Source of Decentralized Applications

Ethereum is a technology that fuels the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a huge technology that hosts global payments, digital money and many applications. Users can also earn money by creating content from this technology, buy in NFT, etc. can do many operations. Wherever you are in the world, if you have internet, you can always access the system. Ethereum aims to decentralize products and services across a wide range of use cases beyond money. It aims to create programs and custom entities that manage user actions.

If we are to consider this situation for Bitcoin, we can explain the difference with this example that Bitcoin network behaves more reserved and works for its own but Ethereum aims to allow users to do whatever they want or build on its Network. Multi-step computing functions in Ethereum are called “Smart Contracts”. Larger structures of many smart contracts are called decentralized applications (dApps).

what is ethereum

To give an example, Amazon is a platform where users, sellers, buyers, etc., transactions are stored in databases, constantly updated and linked to inventory as a result of shopping, through a website. Amazon is in the role of intermediary and technology officer here. This is exactly the role he wants to create in his Ethereum, that he wants to enter.

A Fairer Approach

When we look at today, if you want to open a bank account, the bank you apply will look at your situation with other banks and show you an approach accordingly. It restricts you, does not look at your current situations. Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) system will never restrict or discriminate against you. You can send, receive, borrow, earn and transfer money with just an internet connection. Just this system we can say that it makes most users sympathize with Ethereum.

What are the Differences Between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

There are certain transactions you can do in the Bitcoin network. However, the Ethereum network has a much wider horizon than the Bitcoin system. You can produce countless different software, new systems and new altcoins. The Ethereum Blockchain system works more systematically and faster than the Bitcoin blockchain system. 1 Bitcoin blockchain is formed in 10 minutes, while the Ethereum blockchain is formed in 15 seconds, so the confirmation process is much faster.

How Do I Buy Ethereum?

The purchase of Ethereum, contrary to popular belief, is very simple and can be purchased without the need for technical knowledge. For this, opening an account on exchange sites such as binance, creating a wallet and making the purchase.

What is Etherscan?

Etherescan is a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network. It allows you to search through transactions, blocks, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and other data.

How Do I Use Etherscan?

To use Etherscan, you will first need a wallet address, then a transaction ID, contract address, or other identifier.

Who is the Creator of Ethereum?

The creator of Ethereum is Russian-Canadian Vitalik Buterin. Inspired by the decentralized money Bitcoin, he believed that it was possible to have a wider application than Bitcoin. However, other important figures of this community are: Gavin Wood, Jeff Wilke, Joseph Lubin and Vlad Zamfir.

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What Is Gas Fee

What is Gas?

Gas is the unit of measure that calculates the transaction money you have to pay when you perform each transaction. Since computing resources are required for each transaction, each transaction has a fee. In summary, gas refers to the transaction fee required to execute the transaction on Ethereum.

What is Gas Fee?

Imagine that every vehicle needs gasoline to move. We also need to give the measured gas fee to transact on the Ethereum network so that our transaction can be done. Gas fees are measured for each transaction. However, if you do not want your transaction to slow down in case of traffic on the Ethereum network, you can speed up your transaction by increasing the gas fee a little.

How is Gas Fee Calculated?

Although the gas fee calculation seems complicated, it actually consists of a simple logic.

Each block has a base price, which is the reserve price. You can have your transaction done in standard time with a suggested priority fee or you may pay more gas fee to be performed faster transactions.

what is gas fee

Why Is Gas Fee Variable?

As the demand for Ethereum is high, gas usage is quite high. In addition, the gas fee for each transaction may vary. However, users add the extra gas fee, which we call tip, to speed up their own transaction. All of these reasons are responsible for the volatility of gas prices.

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NFT Platforms Alternate to OpenSea

There are many notable NFT Platforms took their places beside the biggest platform OpenSea, which we all know. There are more than one platform as an alternative to OpenSea. Let’s examine these NFT Platforms Alternate to OpenSea.

What are OpenSea-like Platforms?

Super Rare

This platform, created with the Ethereum blockchain, is among the best selling sites. Super Rare is a kind of site that will attract the attention of art enthusiasts and artists. This site, created by artists, reaches the owners of the artists’ works at a fixed price or through auction. To enter this site, you must connect your Meta Mask wallet.


Binance, which has won the trust of the public among crypto exchanges, does not break its tradition as an NFT sales site. It also gives users the chance to win NFT in surprise boxes. It is very simple to dig and sell NFT, but it must be said that it is paid.

NFT Platforms Alternate to OpenSea


Rarible, one of the largest sales sites, seems to have attracted the attention of local users the most. The density of Turkish buyers or sellers is so high, the site is both easy to use and the site has a reward system, fixed price sales and auctions as in some platforms. enough to explain the intensity of its use. In addition, commission is deducted for each nft sold on this site.

Nift Gateway

One of the best NFT sales sites, Nift Gateway, accepting credit cards as a payment method is not very suitable for the fact that digital assets should be decentralized, but we have to say that the site has a large audience. On this site, which is very simple to use, commission is taken from every sale, as in most sites. To log in to this site, you need to link your account to a wallet.


Mintable differs from other NFT Marketplaces with a few features, the most liked feature by users is that free NFT is designed and put up for sale. The site does not take any money from the seller until the NFT is sold. But we can say that the commission he receives after the sale is 5%. In addition, it is under your control whether your sale is auctioned or fixed price.

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How to Create a Successful NFT Collection?

It is quite simple to create your own NFT and put it up for sale via any website. However, just selling NFT does not mean that NFT will be sold. There are NFTs worth millions of dollars today, but they are in existence. NFTs, which are usually sold at such high prices, show the feature of being part of a collection. So what makes a collection successful?

Founders / Creators

One of the most important factors to consider for a successful NFT collection is its creators or founders. It is always reassuring to have a creator of a project that is not anonymous and visible to public.. It can be a person or a company, but having a website that everyone can access or knowing their social media accounts is one of the factors that strengthen that project.

If the shares, agreements or new content made by the founder are visible to the public, it will make that collection easier to be adopted by the audience. After all, the last thing anyone wants is a founding team walking away from the project.


Content is actually the most subjective part to consider when creating an NFT Collection. For a project to be strong, it is also important to understand and see what kind of content will appeal to a wider audience. After browsing through some of the best collections on OpenSea, you can get an idea of ​​the different types and designs that people can enjoy.


For an NFT project, community is one of the most important considerations. The ensemble of a collection can be found relatively quickly. You may encounter two different scenarios when you access a project’s community. The first is an unsafe environment with too many toxic people. The second is a community focused on the future of the project and with a quality environment. In the second scenario, we can foresee that the project will develop continuously in the community.

Road map

When an NFT collection is revealed, the founders share the entire process of that collection with their investors, showing that the project has been well thought out. If an investor buys an NFT from that collection, he can easily understand that his investment is safe because he knows the future developments.

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What Is NFT?

What is NFT?

What is NFT? – Popularly known as a non-fungible token (NFT for short), it is a unit of data stored on the blockchain that confirms that a digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable. Anything found in the digital world can be stored as NFT. NFTs are mostly produced with Ethereum token standards. However, unlike cryptocurrencies, they are not traded in Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, but in ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.

NFTs that are not mutually interchangeable like regular cryptocurrencies function like a cryptographic token, in other words, they are not interchangeable. NFTs generate cryptographic hashes, a string of characters that confirm that a dataset is unique, when strings against previous records, thus forming a chain of identifiable data blocks.

What can be stored as NFT?

Any imaginable asset in the digital world, including video, image, GIF, message, tweet, can be converted into NFT and stored. The NFT-converted digital asset is uniquely transformed into a dataset, thereby protecting that asset from being used by anyone other than the intellectual property owner.

Why are NFTs valuable?

The fact that all NFTs contain unique information and are easily accessible in the digital world shows the advantages of owning a product digitally compared to a physical product with collectible value. NFTs ensure that all information is available to the previous owner and manufacturer, preventing the making and reproduction of counterfeit products, and maintaining the originality of the digital asset.

Unlike crypto assets, NFTs are not interchangeable. The fact that each is unique ensures that each has different characteristics and prevents two entities from being equivalent.

NFTs also allow artists to protect their original productions and works from being copied. It has enabled the production of digital works by artists all over the world to become widespread, preventing intermediary institutions in physical works, and bringing buyers and producers together. In addition, in the event that a purchased NFT changes hands, it is ensured that the copyright details of the artist are protected and that the producer has a share in subsequent sales. For example, artist Refik Anadol has sold some of his digital works and can take a share as a producer if these works change hands.

what is nft

How to make NFT?

NFT is created by uploading the file to be converted to NFT to an NFT auction market such as KnownOrigin, Rarible or OpenSea. This enables the creation of a copy of the file saved on the blockchain as an NFT that can be bought and resold with cryptocurrency. Even if an artist sells the NFT representing a work, the artist may retain the copyright to the work and create more NFTs of the same work. The recipient of the NFT does not have exclusive access, nor does the recipient acquire the copyright to the “original” digital file.

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