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Brands With Their NFTs

Brands That Have Taken A Big Step Into The NFT World

As we all know, NFT is now the favorite of the whole world. Although it was produced in 2014, it could not make the sound as it is now. But now the situation is different for NFT. The developing NFT seems to have caught our attention as well as its world-famous brands. These brands include Gucci, Coca-Cola Dolce&Gabbana, McDonald’s and NBA that we all know. We can say that these brands have taken the first step into the world of NFT as a collection or a single piece of work.

GUCCI’s Name In The NFT World is SUPERGUCCI!

A multifaceted exploration of the digital realms has begun on the Gucci side. This experimental creativity naturally takes place in NFTs. Gucci has stepped into the NFT world with Superplastic under the name SUPERGUCCI. Blending the aesthetic codes of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci Aria collection with the style of synthetic artists Janky and Guggimon, he created a 500 NFT collection accompanied by handmade ceramic sculptures.

A Surprise Collection From COCA-COLA To The NFT World!

Coca-Cola did not remain silent about the NFT trend that other important brands fell on. Coca-Cola put its first NFT consisting of 4 parts for sale. But the pieces it puts on are sold as a single piece. The interest in NFTs released by the brand is quite high. Coca-Cola hired a company called Tafi for this NFT. The inclusion of Coca-Cola in the NFT market draws the attention of other big brands. In the near future, all companies from clothing to automotive, from entertainment to gaming are expected to produce NFTs and put them on sale.

The Collection Decorating The NFT Market From Dolce&Gabbana

The luxury Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana announced that it will launch an NFT collection in collaboration with Polygon. NFTs will be released on the Polygon NFT Marketplace UNXD.

The collection will consist of 9 pieces, the most notable of which is the “Doge Crown”, a digital artwork containing seven sapphires and 142 diamonds. The collection has been sold to private collectors for over $5 million.

Each piece of the Dolce&Gabbana NFT will have multiple designs in different boxes, with each box giving the pieces a different rarity. Although the prices of the boxes are not disclosed, it is stated that there will be less than 10,000 boxes. However, the designs of the parts in each box will be done by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

brands with their nfts

McDonald’s Enters NFT World With Unique Tastes

McDonald’s, the fast food chain we all know, also participates in the NFT trend, which includes most famous brands. Although the main purpose of most brands that participate in the NFT world is to make money from their works, things don’t seem to be that way on McDonald’s side. Two NFT products depicting ice cream and french fries on Twitter According to La Réclame, there will be 20 unique works in total. McDonald’s will use these works for PR purposes, and products whose value is not yet known will be gifted to its followers and employees.

The name of the NBA in the NFT Stream is NBA Top Shot!

Interest and demand in the NFT market is increasing day by day. The NBA seems to want to be a partner in this market. The NBA announced on its official Twitter account called NBAxNFT that it will launch the “The Association” NFT collection. Each of the 18000 Ethereum-based NFT collections will represent a player in the playoffs to be played this year.

Thus, each player from the 16 different NBA teams participating will have 75 NFTs.

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