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Wallet recommended by its users: Hardware Wallet.

If you are into the crypto market, you should know that you need a wallet for your coins before you start this business. Although it is a fact that there are many wallets online for this, today we will talk about another wallet. Hardware wallet, or cold wallet in colloquial language.

So what are the differences between Hardware Wallet (Cold Wallet) and online wallet?

First of all, the biggest feature that distinguishes hardware wallet from other online wallets is that your coins are stored offline and keep them completely safe. This means that it is closed to cyber attacks and hacking situations are eliminated. As a result, we can easily say that users with high volumes of coins prevent them from losing their sleep. On the other hand, you can log your wallet into the system whenever you want.

Does Hardware Wallet (Cold Wallet) have any disadvantages?

Any cyber attack is not possible on your hardware wallet (cold wallet) when it is disconnected. But remember, after all, we are talking about a physical wallet. In other words, if it is stolen or you lose your wallet, you will not be able to access your wallet, so its responsibility is quite large. But as long as you know your responsibility, your assets will be safe.

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How to get Hardware Wallet?

Most hardware wallets (cold wallets) come similar to a USB stick. Apart from this, there are also crypto cold wallets that look like a phone to a credit card. You can buy these devices from reliable online shopping sites.

So why do we keep coins in Hardware wallets and not in online wallets?

First of all, your Crypto wallet is like your bank account that stores your private key and public address. Now, when we look at online wallets, it is true that the coin flow is very fast, but when we keep large amounts of coins in online wallets, the risk of cyber attack is very high. Since users are aware of this, they prefer hardware wallets to store their large amounts of coins. However, they also keep a small amount in their online wallets. In short, it is an undeniable fact that hardware wallet is a great boon for long-term investors, as it is much more secure than online wallets.

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  • So why do we keep coins in Hardware wallets and not in online wallets?
  • Why do we keep coins in Hardware wallets and not online wallets?
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