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Real Estate Sales in MetaVerse

Real Estate Sales in Metaverse are at an Astonishing Level Buying land on the metaverse, which tries to bring the physical world to the virtual world, has become fashionable nowadays. It is obvious that metaverse plots, whose land values ​​compete with physical plots, will increase in value in the future. The fact that Facebook changed…

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NFTs Role In Metaverse

NFTs Will Become North Star on the Metaverse and Beyond NFTs may seem like art and collectibles digital objects which can be bought with crypto currencies, but they are much more than that. In fact, it is obvious that NFTs will make more sense for businesses and investors in the future and will be adopted…

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Brands With Their Metaverses

In order for an idea or a new technology to enter our lives, its commercialization is of great importance. Technologies with very high costs in the beginning become available to users together with large companies. Today, the term metaverse is one of the words we hear a lot. He is mentioned a lot in blogs,…

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Metaverse and Multi-Metaverse

Metaverse is the reflection of the real world in the digital world and also as a conceptual part of the new generation internet called web3, which includes all the services offered by this decade’s internet web2. Metaverse and Multi-Metaverse One of the most common debates about the metaverse is whether there will be a single…

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What Is Metaverse

What is metaverse? – Metaverse is a hypothetical part of the new generation internet as a reflection of the real world, which is generally accessed by the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets, especially in futurism and science fiction, or as a virtual world built entirely on design. Metaverse, which provides…

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What Is Web 3.0

The Internet has become a big part of human life today. We do most of our work online. Many of us use the internet for shopping, work, education and leisure. So what is web 3.0? Let’s have a look. In line with this widespread use, the web we call the internet network is gradually developing…

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Why Facebook Became Meta?

Why Facebook Became Meta? – With the new and transforming world, companies are also changing shape. Many companies are starting new projects or getting involved in different projects in a way to adapt themselves to the developing technology. Among these companies, there is a company that completely adapts the company itself to the developing and…

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Twitter Interest in NFTs

Twitter Interest in NFTs and Blockchain The social media giant Twitter has an undeniable attitude towards the Crypto world, which is likely to gain ground in the world now and in the future. I wonder how this attitude will bring them in the future. We will see this together. The Approach of Twitter and NFTs…

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