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Cautron Software Copyright ©

Cautron Software© brand itself and its subsidiaries Cautron Business© , Cautron Live© and Cautron Verse© are registered trademarks, its business model, all designs, marketing texts and all digital and printed content assets are under intellectual property protection. In accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention, WIPO and European Patent Convention; this brand and its contents cannot be used without permission, cannot be imitated and cannot be the subject or object of a commercial activity other than our company’s activities.

Cautron NFT License Agreement and Benefits of NFT Holders

Cautron Verse is an agency of Cautron Software Company that researches technologies for metaverse and web 3.0 which produces digital assets and contents for these technologies. NFT collections. Cautron Verse NFTs can be sold on NFT sales platforms such as OpenSea, Coinbase and Binance; and these NFTs being sold on these platforms has been named as Cautron NFTs or Cautron Verse NFTs in this contract.

Cautron Verse treats all of its NFTs as unique works of art produced by the Cautron Software Family’s graphic artists. Each Cautron NFT has certain values ​​as a work of digital art as well as being a collectible item.

For this reason, Cautron expects all Cautron NFT owners to protect the value of the NFTs they hold, to comply with the price metrics determined for the increase in their value, and to take the necessary actions for the valuation of the portfolio in order to protect the NFT Holders Portfolio and evaluate their investments. Anyone who purchases NFT from Cautron is deemed to have accepted the terms in this sales contract. In case of violation of the terms, Cautron reserves the right to remove all the advantages of the violating NFT owner and to present this situation publicly to the information of its portfolio in order to protect the NFT Holders of Cautron. All Cautron NFT holders are deemed to have accepted these terms.

In addition to these benefits to owners, Cautron qualifies NFT ownership as an entry ticket to the Cautron Software NFT Holders family. NFT owners get the privilege of joining the Cautron Software family with some additional benefits. The most prominent of these advantages is the NFT Holders Channel, which is an advanced tool of important digital marketing information that Cautron NFT owners may need while developing their businesses. Cautron aims to give NFT owners an advantage in improving their business with the unique informations which has gathered from the digital marketing ecosystems it has built.

These privileges are primarily offered through the Cautron Verse NFT Holders Channel. Through this channel, it provides digital marketing consultancy services to Cautron NFT Holders in which is Cautron Software and Cautron Business‘ area of ​​expertise. Every Cautron NFT holders can use this advanced digital marketing consultation channel at most once in a month, twice in a year for each NFTs which have total value of 2 Ethereum. For the NFTs which have less value than 2 Ethereum, you may write the ID and key code of one, our system will check with the database if you hold NFTs at least total value of 2 Ethereum. The terms of use, limits and consultancy issues of this channel are included in the NFT Holders Channel page and all terms on the mentioned page are deemed to be accepted by all Cautron NFT owners. The most basic requirement for the use of the channel is to be the current owner of the Cautron Verse NFTs.

Former NFT owners who have disposed of their NFT cannot use this channel. All conditions on the aforementioned page are valid under all conditions until Cautron Software changes them. Cautron always reserves the right to restrict, suspend and indefinitely remove the use of this channel and the NFT ownership privileges. All terms and conditions in this NFT sales contract are accepted by the buyer at the time of the NFT sale. The overall objective of the provisions in the agreement is to protect the Cautron community and portfolio of NFT holders.

Cautron Verse Crypto Tools Policy and Crypto Tools Usage Agreement

Along with the developing and changing World, the tremendous intelligence of humanity has revealed the Metaverse, Web 3.0 and also brought together the economy with open source online currencies with their integrated networks that work with their own source codes and all of these currencies are named as Crypto Currencies. As Cautron Software, in our sub-agency Cautron Verse, which examines and contributes to the processes of human intelligence to discover digital technologies, we have created tools that you can convert these currencies to each other and calculate the current status of crypto currencies, which are not only an important part of the metaverse, but also an important component of the physical economy.

We have made the crypto currency translation and exchange rate tracking tools mentioned in this contract available on Cautron Verse as free of charge to our visitors in order to provide important datas together about the metaverse and the developing world.

The ultimate use of these crypto currency tools is to present the current crypto currency data, ad-free and clean, together with information about Metaverse, Web 3.0 and NFTs on Cautron Verse. The crypto currency tools on Cautron Verse never gives any investment advice. Current exchange rate data may be delayed and all website visitors have been informed of this and acknowledge that the data may be delayed. By visiting this website (, or and using the aforementioned crypto money tools, you accept that data may be delayed and you are using these tools with awareness. Cautron recommends confirming the current exchange rate data on the crypto money platform where the crypto money is being sold, in order to confirm the most up-to-date and instant data of crypto currency rates before any crypto currency trading. Cautron never gives investment advice with cryptocurrency instruments. Visitors accept that they are solely and solely responsible for all their investments and all results from their investments by using this website. Cautron expressly declares that Cautron is not responsible for any cryptocurrency investment decisions, results, losses or gains of site visitors. Under any circumstances all users and visitors accept that, all investment decisions are made consciously and solely by themselves without any influence.

Cautron Verse NFT Holders Channel Privacy Policy & NFT Holder Confidentiality Agreement

Cautron aims to have an advantage, support and develop the all NFT holders in its portfolio. For this reason, we have created an extensive knowledge base from the marketing ecosystems we have created with Cautron Business, in order to support our NFT owners on digital marketing issues through the advanced digital marketing consultancy-based NFT Holders Channel, which we have created with the aim of providing these advantages.

Since digital marketing includes an unlimited number of interconnected topics; although the topics related to the use of the channel are listed and determined in certain frameworks, we can show flexibility in some cases with the aim of supporting our NFT holders with the initiative of Cautron Software. Cautron always reserves the right to change, restrict, expand or remove the advisory topics of this channel. All NFT holders accept these terms. In general terms, the usage issues of the NFT Holders Consultancy Channel are among the important elements of digital marketing such as; Digital Ads, Google Ads, Meta(Facebook) Ads and Instagram Ads, SEO (search engine optimization), digital media management, domains, dns, webmaster subjects, mail marketing, Google Marketing Platform Tools, Meta Ads Tools, conversion tracking, etc. Its usage is limited to technical issues such as effective business and marketing strategies and valuable data obtained with advanced practical knowledge. Cautron’s answers to consulting questions may vary dynamically depending on the industry involved, the product to be marketed, and current circumstances. How explanatory the answers to the questions asked, length, details and answer formats will be entirely at Cautron’s discretion.

Cautron tries to provide the answers that will protect the interests our NFT Holders in the best way with theoretical information, based on its past knowledge on the subjects it provides consultancy; however, digital marketing and digital advertising have dynamics that differ in all circumstances beyond theoretical knowledge. Major digital advertising platforms have advertising experimentation tools, ads are actively optimized by advertising experts for the best results, and therefore, in some cases, the information given may not always provide the desired results. As much as theoretical information, the methods during the application of the information and the experience effects real-life results. In line with the information given, all actions and results of the client (NFT Holder) are solely the client’s own decision under all circumstances. Under no circumstances does Cautron encourage or influence its clients to take any action, regardless of the style and content of its answers. Cautron does not consider the answers to the questions received through the NFT Holders Channel as a suggestion or advice, all the answers are presented to you as information transfers as the transition of experiences and as a second expert opinion. The Client and NFT Holders have definitely accepted that, he/she is the only one responsible for all his actions and all the decisions he/she has made, and that he/she will not hold Cautron responsible for any successful or unsuccessful results under any circumstances. Cautron Verse only aims to provide information that can provide advantage to its clients’ businesses. NFT Holders Channel only works on the principle of information transfer and does not include any active labor, workmanship, marketing management or advertising service to be performed by us. Cautron’s dynamic digital marketing, software and advertising services are only available on Cautron Business. If you are interested in our services that includes agency activities beyond consultancy to be carried out by Cautron, you can visit the Cautron Business website.

While performing digital marketing and brand management consultancy activities on the NFT Holders Channel, Cautron Software shares professional expertise and strategic details about marketing, digital advertising and webmaster activities with its customers. This information shared by Cautron is considered confidential information as per the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, within the scope of the agency – customer privacy policy. Cautron customers or all legal or real persons with whom Cautron shares any information are obliged to protect this information, keep it confidential and not share it with any third party or institution. This information cannot be shared with third parties in any form in written, digital or printed form, and cannot be used for any purpose in the areas of activities within the development of products and services similar to Cautron’s commercial products or services, or in a commercial field of activity that may create competition for Cautron. It may not be reproduced, distributed, or subject to commercial activities as a product or service. The scope of these activities are in the continuation of the contract determined in accordance with the Labor Law No. 4857 and the Regulation on Business Lines. Computer programming activities (system, database, network, web page, etc. software and coding of customer-specific software, etc. Pre-press computer aided services (computer aided page design, transparency, transparencies, reprographic presentation tools and other digital presentation media, drafts, plans) design of print products, etc.) (including desktop publishing) Motion picture, video and television program post-production activities (audio-image editing, transfer of original copies, color correction, digital enhancement, visual effects, animation, subtitles, titling, graphic. Activities of advertising agencies (selection of media to be used, design of advertisement, script writing for commercials, display and presentation of advertising products at sales points, etc.). Business and other administrative consultancy activities (strategic, financial, marketing, production, business processes, project etc. management services and trademark and concession counseling). Sale of ads areas for various media advertisements on a fee or contract basis (including sale of advertising on billboards, buildings, vehicles, etc.). Activities of specialized graphic designers (including brand and trademark design). Advertising related photography activities (taking photos of commercial items, fashion clothing, machines, buildings, people, etc. for advertising images, brochure, newspaper advertisement, catalog, etc.). Public relations and communication activities.

The interaction of all Cautron customer institutions, individuals, NFT owners, legal entities or real persons and website visitors of Cautron Software or its subsidiaries such as Cautron Verse means that they accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. Cautron Software confidentiality agreement terms and conditions apply at all times under all circumstances. All information shared by the client or NFT Holder and all details and information about the client’s or NFT Holder’s business are also considered confidential information and are protected under the confidentiality agreement. The general purpose of these terms and conditions are to protect Cautron and its customers, NFT Holders and all contracting parties.

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