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How to Create NFTs on OpenSea

NFTs has become the most popular investment tools recently. NFT marketplaces like OpenSea now allow each user to purchase their own NFT as well as create and sell their own NFT. However, there are some points that need to be considered in order to create and sell an NFT. How to Create NFTs on OpenSea and sell your own NFTs by following the steps below.

NFT Design

When you want to make an NFT and sell it, you need to have a digital asset that will be converted into NFT. This digital asset can be many file types, especially an image, audio, video, and 3D model. An original work is one of the most important parts when producing an NFT. For this reason, a good design that has been studied will attract attention.

Creating an Account on OpenSea

To create your own NFT, you must first have an OpenSea account. To sign up for OpenSea, you must have a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

When you enter the OpenSea website, click on the “Create” section in the upper right corner, select one of the wallets mentioned above, and follow the necessary steps to connect your wallet to OpenSea and create your account.

How to Create NFTs on OpenSea? – NFT Creation and Minting Process

When the digital assets you will convert to NFT are ready and after you open your account, we can start creating NFTs in the “Create” tab on the OpenSea homepage.

First of all, the loading section welcomes us at the top of the page. By clicking here, you need to upload your digital asset that you want to convert to NFT on your computer.

After uploading your digital asset, you need to name your NFT. If you want to create a collection, the usual method of naming is numbering. However, if you want to create a more special and unique piece, it will be more interesting to use more specific names.

How to Create NFTs on  OpenSea

How to Mint NFT in OpenSea?  

First, in order to create an NFT or NFT collection in OpenSea you must integrate your digital wallet via the website, and the most popular wallets are MetaMask and Coinbase wallets for this process.

Create a Digital Wallet

To log in to OpenSea, you need to connect a digital wallet to hold your assets or perform various transactions.

Add Crypto Currency

You will use cryptocurrencies as cash or credit cards are not valid in the NFT market. For this reason, you must load the cryptocurrency of your choice into your digital wallet.

Upload the NFT Artifact or Collection You Created

After pressing the “Create” button, it’s up to you to convert anything you dream or design into NFT. Then you need to determine which blockchain it will be on to mint your work. It is necessary to make this decision very well. In the last step, you can upload your work.

Set a Price to Your NFT

Bring your work to the market, you need to set a price that must be paid.

Create Additional Content that is Unlocked After Purchase                

Although not every seller does it, usually best sellers with high volumes including Cautron, uses this feature. You may add an unlockable content which becomes visible after the purchase to provide additional benefits.

Specify Minting Type

Now it’s time to mint (verify) your work. You can choose to either pay a gas fee for the creation of your work, or pay the user who will buy the gas fee (transaction fee), known as the lazy minting method.

Add Name, Description and Properties To The Work

A work of art without a name is never complete. In order for users to see your works, you need to add a name and description.

Mint Your NFT!

Once all the details are arranged, you are ready to go to market. After the digital file is uploaded, you can pay an initial fee (gas fee).

Additional Important Steps:

External Link and Description

After the above steps, if your NFT has a project or if there is an external link describing NFT, you can introduce your NFT better by adding it to the “External Link” section. You can support it by writing an article to describe your NFT in the “Description” section.

Add to Collection

In the “Collection” section, if there is a collection that you have created before and you want to add, you can add it by selecting it.

Other Features

You can specify the properties of your NFT from the “Properties” under the Collection section, so a user can easily filter among your NFTs. You can scale these features by specifying certain features of your NFT along with the “Levels” and “Stats” options below.

With the first of the features below, it can only add a password to the NFT that only you can turn on or off. With the latter, if your NFT has inappropriate or sensitive images, you can warn users by marking them.

NFT Supply

In the “Supply” option, you can specify the supply number of the NFT you have created.


Finally, you can choose the blockchain where your NFT will be created. Here, your NFT will have different features depending on the network you have created the NFT. If you create NFT on the Ethereum network, you may face high gas fees, but it will be easier to sell since the Ethereum network you put up for sale is the most used network. When you create it on the Polygon network, your NFT will be created instantly without paying gas fee.

After completing all these steps, pressing the “Create” button at the bottom and confirming it from your crypto wallet, your NFT is now created and ready to be published, and now you know how to create NFTs on OpenSea!

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