Genel Web 3.0 and Metaverse

Metaverse and Multi-Metaverse

Metaverse is the reflection of the real world in the digital world and also as a conceptual part of the new generation internet called web3, which includes all the services offered by this decade’s internet web2.

Metaverse and Multi-Metaverse

One of the most common debates about the metaverse is whether there will be a single metaverse or will it be a combination of multiple metaverses. Web3.0 and metaverse terms are quite intertwined with each other. The existence of a secure functional meta universe is possible with the possibilities offered by Web3.0.

Just as the existence of a single authority is not welcome in the real world, so will the digital world. In fact, the desire for a decentralized economy that triggered the emergence of cryptocurrencies and it applies to the metaverse as well. For this reason, the user-based decentralized internet created by Web3.0, decentralized funding tools such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence form the basis of the meta universe.

There are two different future projections for the functional metaverse. The first is a future where different meta-universes are connected to each other, where each user creates their own meta-universe, and the other is a single-universe model where users make their own designs at different points in a single meta-universe.

Metaverse and Multi-Metaverse

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The existence of a single universe facilitates the integration of different concepts. It provides easy transition between thematic universes for users.
  • Since the existence of a single universe requires a lot of collaborative work, it is a more difficult model for companies and individuals to develop, especially due to data privacy.
  • In the multiverse model, when each user enters a meta-universe, he may have trouble transferring his avatar to other universes.
  • The existence of a single universe will require a lot of protocols and standards, but it is more advantageous in terms of user convenience.
  • If there is a multiverse, each universe will have its own standards and rules, so it will be difficult for users to be included in the possible metaverse.

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