Verteron Galaxy

A Galaxy In The Depts of CautronVerse

Verteron Galaxy Has Been Explored

Verteron is a recently explored ancient medium sized galaxy with galaxy wide very advanced level civilization in the CautronVerse, where the peace and prosper reign since almost the beginning of time. It has recently explored by the others, but we were always aware of each other like parts of collective mind with Verteron Galaxy residents, as the storytellers of CautronVerse. 

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Collection Verteron by CautronVerse

Galaxy In The Shape of NFTs

Verteron Galaxy, 2000 Unique Pieces, Ticket To CautronVerse  

As the caretakers of CautronVerse, we are beginning to tell the story of Cautron’s Universe with the story of Galaxy Verteron in the form of Unique 2000 NFT pieces on the Ethereum Blockchain with ERC-721 standart. What a beautiful, technologic and artistic way to tell a story! 

This story is for the residents of a planet called Earth from different universe and contains 2000 unique keys with CautronVerse’s quantum signature for entering the universe of Cautron from the gates of Verteron, the very blackhole at the center of Verteron Galaxy.


Story Of A CautronVerse Galaxy: Verteron

Residents of Verteron, A History, An Advanced Civilization

At the CautronVerse-Star-Date-485530, in a very far away galaxy, explorers of a different life form has found and ancient temple remains which have built and forgotten from the exploratory times of Verteron residents. Verteron’s peaceful and curious explorers have left a cosmic map which shows the way to their galaxy and manuscripts explaining their society behind them. And these all have been recently found. 

But thats a story of another time. Now, let’s meet with Verteron itself at the CautronVerse-Star-Date-185539, with the way as it should be!

Galaxy Verteron has quite interesting population called Rockers with high level of consciousness, mysterious stones used for communicating the collective, fully discovered star systems and fully populated planets. Watchers around the galaxy provide peaceful, safe and evolving-compatible environment to the residents of Verteron, to keep them safe from outer threats. With more prosperity and evolving of mind few residents have become lightly entities called the Thinkers. 

Thinkers live across the galaxy, sometimes take the shape of their old states but actually they live among the stars, watch their living cycles, help the order of recreation of planets and keep the perfect balance of resources in the Verteron. Sometimes they also communicate with Watchers, the physical protectors of Verteron Galaxy.

Gateway, Quantum Signature of CautronVerse

Enter The CautronVerse from Central Black Hole of Verteron

It is possible to think for both Rocker, Watcher and Thinker NFTs as different kinds of avatars for Verteron Galaxy which are the entry tickets and representatives of yours to pass from the Verteron’s center blackhole gate to enter the CautronVerse. Watcher’s items, stones and realms are also the the entry tickets for CautronVerse but they are in different form, as non-living material forms of entry tickets. 

No matter the form of NFT you own, all living and non-living materials which have the quantum signature from Verteron Galaxy, can activate the central black hole of Verteron and can bring you to the universe of Cautron. The difference between them is how far you can travel inside with the the NFT you hold in CautronVerse. The original Ethereum value of your holdings identifies the Cautron particles in your entity. As increase of Cautron Particles, increases the travel distance in CautronVerse, your capabilities, further advantages in the Verse and communication levels with CautronVerse caretakers.

So, all kinds of Verteron NFTs, rockers, thinkers, watchers, items, realms and stones from Verteron Galaxy can bring you to the CautronVerse and its extraordinary nature through the Verteron Central Black Hole!

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Verteron Rockers


Collection Verteron’s coolest sub category, perfect way to become a Verteron Holder! Look at Rockers now!

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Verteron Thinkers


Verteron World’s strongest entities, ultimate way to become a Verteron Holder! Look at Thinkers now!

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Verteron Realms


Verteron’s Worlds and Planets. Most interesting way to become a Verteron Holder! Look at Realms now!

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Verteron Watchers


Verteron’s Watchers. What a wise choice to become a Verteron Holder! Look at Watchers right now!

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Verteron Artifacts

Watcher Artifacts

Galaxy Verteron Watcher’s Artifacts. Best friends of super heros! Look at Watcher Artifacts right now!

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Verteron Stones


Verteron’s most mystical sub category. Very mysterious way to become a Verteron Holder. Explore the stones now!

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cautron verify

Verify Your Verteron NFT Quantum Signature

Verteron ERC-721 NFTs Can Be Verified with Smart Contract Address

Verify Your NFTs’ Smart Contract Address Here:


Quantitiy of Different Unique NFTs: 2000

Blockchain: Ethereum Main Network

Smart Contract Address: 0x200412185c8C79D1b1c0c3Da61E318B4662C613d

Smart Contract Protocol: ERC721

Primary Sales Platforms: Rarible, OpenSea, Mintable

Suggestion: Never share your NFT’s Key Code or CVV with anyone or any platform but Cautron Verse official web site; and always double check the smart contract address.

Verteron Is Art. Also Two Years of Work.

Art Is Touchstone of Verteron

Uniqueness passes next level with Verteron. We wanted to bring a real artistic perspective to the NFT world with Collection Verteron. NFTs are very beautiful and extraordinary way for getting art and technology together. In Verteron, we take this approach to the another level. Every single art piece has been drawn by our artists hands in two years of working process and with our digital graphers final touch, handmade arts has met with digital tech in the most interesting way.

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Be Valued, Join Family and Get Ahead With Holders Channel

Verteron has unique 2000 handmade pieces on Ethereum Blockchain which made by Cautron artists and become NFTs in digital environment with ERC721 protocol. All artworks in this collection carefully designed with handmade effort and completed with digital arts final touch. Also supported with Cautron NFT Holders Channel with real life advantages, digital marketing consultancy as a business booster for our beloved holders. Perfect choice for invest in NFTs and your future.

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