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NFT Platforms Alternate to OpenSea

There are many notable NFT Platforms took their places beside the biggest platform OpenSea, which we all know. There are more than one platform as an alternative to OpenSea. Let’s examine these NFT Platforms Alternate to OpenSea.

What are OpenSea-like Platforms?

Super Rare

This platform, created with the Ethereum blockchain, is among the best selling sites. Super Rare is a kind of site that will attract the attention of art enthusiasts and artists. This site, created by artists, reaches the owners of the artists’ works at a fixed price or through auction. To enter this site, you must connect your Meta Mask wallet.


Binance, which has won the trust of the public among crypto exchanges, does not break its tradition as an NFT sales site. It also gives users the chance to win NFT in surprise boxes. It is very simple to dig and sell NFT, but it must be said that it is paid.

NFT Platforms Alternate to OpenSea


Rarible, one of the largest sales sites, seems to have attracted the attention of local users the most. The density of Turkish buyers or sellers is so high, the site is both easy to use and the site has a reward system, fixed price sales and auctions as in some platforms. enough to explain the intensity of its use. In addition, commission is deducted for each nft sold on this site.

Nift Gateway

One of the best NFT sales sites, Nift Gateway, accepting credit cards as a payment method is not very suitable for the fact that digital assets should be decentralized, but we have to say that the site has a large audience. On this site, which is very simple to use, commission is taken from every sale, as in most sites. To log in to this site, you need to link your account to a wallet.


Mintable differs from other NFT Marketplaces with a few features, the most liked feature by users is that free NFT is designed and put up for sale. The site does not take any money from the seller until the NFT is sold. But we can say that the commission he receives after the sale is 5%. In addition, it is under your control whether your sale is auctioned or fixed price.

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