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What Is MetaMask?

Favorite Digital Wallet: MetaMask

The MetaMask wallet acts as a bridge that allows you to connect to all kinds of services that the Ethereum network has to offer. It is one of the most popular digital ethereum wallets frequently used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask was designed by ConsenSys in 2016. It is a digital wallet that simplifies access to decentralized applications (dApps), including decentralized exchanges (DEXs), gaming platforms, betting in decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFT collections. Metamask, which was initially released as a browser extension, requires web browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Firefox. If anyone wishes, there is a smartphone version for Android or Ios.

What are the Advantages of MetaMask?

The advantages of Metamask are endless. But its most distinctive feature compared to other digital wallets is its encryption capability. Passwords and private keys are kept securely. Although built for the Ethereum network, Binance provides access to testnets with mainnets such as Avalanche Polygon. It also offers the flexibility to switch between different mainnets and the convenience of connecting multiple wallets.

MetaMask wallet has given dApps access to funds, as opposed to taking private keys and passwords from users to communicate with the dApp, which is the case in other wallets. This prevents your private key information from being transferred.

what is MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the most popular ethereum or crypto wallets in use today. So “how to use this digital crypto wallet? How to install?” Let’s find out the answers to your questions together.

How to Install Metamask?

  1. You can download it via the browser you want to use by clicking “Download” on MetaMask’s official website.
  2. Assuming you downloaded from Chrome, click “Add to Chrome” and then click “add extension”.
  3. Click the “Get started” and “Create wallet” buttons. It will ask you to create a password for your digital wallet and accept the terms.
  4. After the above process, you will be shown a list of 12 words. These are the recovery words that you will use to get your wallet back if you forget the password. These words are extremely important. These recovery words should not be shared with anyone. Anyone who knows these words can access your wallet if shared. will be in your favor.
  5. In the next step, you will need to verify your word list by choosing the words in the correct order. After this process is completed, your MetaMask wallet will be ready to use.
how to install metamask

How to Send Cryptocurrency to MetaMask Wallet?

You can deposit crypto money from any crypto exchange to your MetaMask wallet that you have installed.

How to Send Cryptocurrency from MetaMask Wallet?

When you want to send your cryptocurrencies in your MetaMask wallet. First, click on the MetaMask extension in the upper right corner of your browser. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send from your MetaMask wallet. Click on the “Send” button and enter the general address of the wallet you want to send. The public address will be found and confirmed. Enter the amount you want to send and the transaction fee. Finally When you check the transaction details and press the “Confirm” button, your crypto money will be sent.

How Can I Increase My Transaction Speed?

For each transaction performed using MetaMask, a gas fee is defined. It is in users hands to set this gas fee. The higher the gas fee, the faster the system will perform this transaction.

In addition, the inability to determine the gas fee during times of extreme congestion in the network may cause your transaction to be delayed.

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